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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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over to the east river. and rent it out to him. [laughter] >> dagen mcdowell and jon hilsenrath. less than a week away, stuart, take it away. stuartyes, we will. hillary clinton's campaign cheated, the media helped and now trump is surging in the polls. good morning, everyone. item one, top democrat donna brazile fed questions to hillary before her debate with bernie sanders. and hillary has not acknowledged her own cheating in at that debate. top clinton aide huma abedin lawyered up and disappeared from the campaign. fox report classified report from clinton's state department was on her husband's unsecured laptop.
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no clear tie-up with the russian government, but an inquiry into former trump campaign manager paul manafort. cheating at the debates, inciting at rallies, a candidate under investigation no wonder trump is surging and he is. he's leading in the abc tracking poll and he was down 12 points and now leads it. and doubled his lead in the l.a. times poll just from sunday. doubled it in a couple of days. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> if reince priebus gave me the answers to a debate, or the questions, so he gives me the questions and answers to the debate and he got caught
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like donna brazile was caught, it would be the biggest story in the history of the new york times, okay? donna brazile gets caught giving her the questions to the debate, hardly anyone is talking about it. one thing. forget about donna brazile, she should resign. stuart: that was donald trump on friday before the latest about donna brazile in the debate comes out. and ash and liz, a couple of points have got to be made here. number one, why did cnn hire donna brazile and pay her when she's part of the campaign and what are they doing to investigate the leak. ashley: this is the second scant.
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she apparently resigned in october, and two weeks later we're finding out about this. cnn buried its head after the first scandal, but clearly there has to be someone else feeding her the question. there has to be, has to be an internal investigation. who did it because clearly, not only on the first one about the death penalty, but the second one lead poisoning in flint, she was given the questions at cnn and someone knows how this happened. stuart: and someone pointing out that hillary clinton was cheating in a debate, not once, but twice liz: this cannot be the new normal. we do not basically dissolve our principles and lose this. i kind of feel bad for donna. in terms of politicsou do kind of lose yourself. but she replaced debby
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wasserman. and there's a class action lawsuit out of miami, suing the democratic national committee, saying, listen, you guys played favorism towards hillary clinton. so the donna brazile cheating feeds into that. stuart: there's a split between the democrats. time warner owns cnn. i wonder if at&t still wants a tainted operation like cnn in that merger? that's another story. kt is with us, kt mcfarland part of the trump campaign and what have you got to say? >> it might be the same story. either, two explanations for this. either senior in cnn, clinton news network, want hillary to win and do everything they can to stack the deck so she has a good debate. the sinister, they want that merger to go through and donald trump said i'm going to veto and not let that merger go through.
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maybe they're buying a little bit of an insurance policy, hillary clinton administration lets that merger go through. stuart: now, you have said, i believe publicly. >> yeah. stuart: that the e-mail scandal, not the donna brazile questions, et cetera, et cetera, the e-mail scandal is worse than watergate. >> i did, i wrote an article fox about it. >> make your case. >> i was working for nixon when hillary was on the hill. the argument about watergate, nixon had a coverup with a break-in. the argument about the e-mail scandals, could hurt the national security. the watergate there was not national security. the e-mail scandal, was the clinton foundation, russians donating to clinton foundation and the russians got permission to buy 20% of our uranium
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stock. were the e-mails so casually handled-- >> were they so casually handled? if there is top secret information on anthony weiner's laptop. >> a pervert kiddy porn. stuart: who else looked at it? was anthony weiner reading state department secrets on his wife's e-mail? >> the reason that you have security clearance and check into your background so you can't be black mailed later. what this is a setup for, a potential blackmail. if you have anthony weiner who clearly has a lot of problems and he was casually reading stuff that was potentially top secret information, would he have been subject to blackmail? >> a fair question is it not? fair question, does he now have political leverage, legal leverage because he's the keeper of some of these secrets? has he read the-- >> the fbi now has the secrets. the fbi now has the laptop and
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the fbi is going to know what's going on and i think because of comey's decision to come public he's now innoculated the fbi, no one shutting that down. stuart: who would have thought that a sexster was-- >> a crazy election cycle. is there an issue of cooperation? if he comes a cooperating witness, depending on the laptop, does he become helpful to the fbi. >> they don't like child sexual predators. >> that's what happened in watergate, everybody ratted on the guy above them. and this was erased minutes, this is erased possibly h-thousands, possibly 650,000. stuart: the stocks higher 30 points up. dare i suggest it something to do with trump's polls?
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how about the price of oil? where are we today? $47 per barrel, well below $50. look at this. the share price of the drug maker valeant, the former ceo and cfo are the focus of a criminal investigation. they have trouble with charges of inflating their sales earlier. the stock, however, it's going to go up. go figure. angy's list, a stock we know. it lost money, however, they're exploring a sale and that pushes the stock up over $8 a share. pfizer, they are the drug maker. cialis-- not cialis, they're the viagra people, and the weak outlook, viagra sales going down, we're down 31 on pfizer. i've got a market statistic for you. if stocks rise between october 1st and, it favors the incouple
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bent party. the stocks have been down in the past three months the trend would suggest a trump victory, wouldn't it? steve cortez is with us, a trump goo i -- guy and also a money guy. let's forget about trump affecting the market. i am told, market watchers say no matter who wins the market goes down. what say you? >> one quick trump point. if i would buy a stock that's rallying, djt, donned j trump. stuart: that was an easy one. >> we were down eight days ago and now up one point. take off the partisan hat. back to markets, unfortunately, even if trump wins, which i very much hopes happen has an american and partisan. even if that happens stocks are in trouble the year end the
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reason i hate to say it is the fed. i think that the federal reserve is in play. once we have the election, i think they raise rates and sadly, the economy is so feeble, one of the reasons that trump wins, it can handle a point increase. if we have rough go of it in the fourth quarter, i think that's incredible buying opportunity for political and economic reasons, because i think the growth that will be unleashed from a trump revolution from tax cuts, regulatory reform, smarter trade deals shall the growth could be unbelievable, 2017, 2018 and beyond. stuart: stay with us, i'll bring you back the bottom of the hour for the opening. breaking news, iraq's special forces entered the outskirts of mosul. more than two weeks after the operation began. kt, this is your specialty. let's get rid of the weeds,
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when it's over, do you think we'll see all-out war in what used to be known as iraq? >> yeah, because i think that you're having all the tribes are fighting each other, it's not a two-sided war it's like a ten-sided war. even if mosul is taken by iraq, it's not iraq, it's iran controlling events, then i think you have other fighting breaks out. who is going to fight the kurds, the sunni tribes. i think it goes on and on and on. stuart: stay there, and we'll bring everybody back at some point. a terrible story here, a deadly bus crash in baltimore. it was a school bus crashed into a transit bus happened around 6:30 eastern this morning. police say six people were killed, no children were on the crash. us at the time of the next case, ohio governor, former presidential candidate john kasich says he's not going to vote for donald trump, but he has cast an absentee ballot and he wrote in senator john mccain. we will discuss that one. joe biden taking a shot at donald trump while campaigning
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for hillary, calling on trump's ideas and his policy ideas stupid. and of course, we'll do that one for you. new details on the investigation into hillary's e-mail server. james comey met with loretta lynch the day before he sent that letter to congress. we'll tell you what happened in that closed door meeting. we'll be back.
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>> you know, oil hasn't had much influence on the stock market recently and it probably won't today. it's at $47 a barrel. quick side bar here. british petroleum, bp. profits down not that bad. the stock will be flat this morning. back to the hillary e-mail scandal. please. attorney general loretta lynn objected to fbi director comey going public with the e-mail review. there was a meeting between the two.
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give us a play by play. ashley: last thursday, the day before this all came out, behind closed doors, essentially loretta lynch telling james comey, what you're proposing to do, you say you found new e-mails linked to hillary's private e-mail server, you do this, you're violating department policy. comey turns around are you telling me not to reveal this? and she said, no, i'm not because if she had said yes, there's a very good likelihood, i think, under the pressure that james comey was, he would have quit and that whole thing would have blown out and found out that loretta lynch said no to the director of the fbi about the latest revelations on the e-mails, probably would have quit and domino effect down the fbi. stuart: i want to bring in a republican from virginia, on the phone. you're the chair of the house judiciary committee with oversight of the justice department. what do yosay about what has been going on at justice? >> the first thing to say is
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secretary clinton has no one else to blame except herself when it comes to this matter. she knowingly set up a private e-mail server in her bathroom closet and routed around the state department's security system, and has not been honest about it with congress or the american people. so, that's the first thing to say. the second thing to say is that when it comes to unprecedented actions, this started not last thursday, but back in late june or early july when mrs. the attorney general met with bill clinton on the tarmac at the airport in phoenix, arizona. stuart: congressman, i'm going to jump in. i've been saying on this program that the justice department is compromised, hopelessly compromised. would you agree with na? >> i think the justice department is trying to get back to where they need to be in terms of properly conducting
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this investigation. and when the director, following attorney general lynch's refusal from the case, saying if you can rely upon her investigators and the director went before the public with his news conference, that was unprecedented. and then he said, she did this wrong, did this wrong, did this wrong, however i'm not going to prosecute her. everybody expected him to say therefore, i'm going to indict her. that didn't happen so he came before the congress to explain this and that was unprecedented. when he came before the congress he was questioned by many people who didn't agree with his conclusions and questioned whether he had testified truthfully before the benghazi committee, he said he would come back and let us know if he reopened this case. stuart: congressman, i'm terribly sorry, up against a hard break and leave it and
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actually your sound quality is breaking up. congressman, thank you very much for joining us in the oust judiciary committee. thank you very much indeed. former clinton pollster doug schoen and donald trump, they agree, if hillary clinton is elected our country could face a constitutional crisis. big story. we'll explain it in a moment. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> all right. former bill clinton staffer, doug schoen says he's not voting for hillary. if he did he would be precipitating a constitutional crisis. this is a big thing for bill schoen because he worked in the clinton white house. donald trump heard about this and said this. >> doug schoen is now totally withdrawing his support. he supported the family for years. schoen writes, i'm now convinced that we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and deleterious, and we all now that, consequences should secretary clinton win the election. stuart: i didn't think i'd see
9:24 am
the day when donald trump mentioned doug schoen's name, but he did, did he not? kt mcfarland with us on the trump team. you say constitutional crisis no matter which candidate wins. explain yourself. >> what is a bigger constitutional crisis. hillary clinton wins, the fbi investigation, i don't think anybody is going to stop the fbi at this point. they continue the investigation and find her culpable and you have a constitutional crisis in the white house. you don't want to live through a constitutional crisis, nothing goes down. foreign leaders, enemies, adversaries, they know you're preoccupied. on the other hand, i think it's a crisis even if donald trump wins. stuart: why? >> here is why, the investigation will continue and you could potentially have an investigation that the fbi is looking at a former president, the money in the clinton foundation went to the state department, it went to the clinton foundation, the decisions came out of the state
9:25 am
department that favored the donors to the clinton foundation. that's not a constitutional crisis per se, but puts america in the business of investigating former presidents, not a place we like to be. stuart: supposing president obama still president until late january pardons everybody. >> bingo, i think that-- that in fact is i think what will end up happening because-- it will have to be a blanket pardon. the state department, the justice department, hillary clinton, everybody. stuart: sweep clean and if trump has won then he's got a clean way forward. >> and you don't get the country divided into another politically divisive year or two fighting over a trial. stuart: i can't believe we're doing this. >> house of cards turned out to be such a fairy tale. stuart: indeed. and doug schoen is on the show later today and he'll explain his decision not to vote and endorse hillary clinton. i've got a market theory for you, supposedly predicting election results. if stocks are lower three months before the election, the
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incumbent party, successfully predicted 15 of the last 18 elections, that could be good news for trump. october marked the third great losing month. all right? so the opposition party should win. trump. we're back in a moment.
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>> 20 seconds until the opening bell. why are you seeing two opening bell boxes? new york and new york stock exchange opening bell in shanghai, why? to celebrate the separation of yum! brands and yum china. we're seeing more of that. bang! it's 9:30, we're off and running and it's tuesday morning. let's not forget one week until the presidential election. i'm seeing quite a bit of green on the left-hand side. an upside move in the early going. how about the s&p 500, a broader market indicator, where is that going at the moment? it's up about the same percent, .21%. nasdaq home of all the technology companies, same story there, up .21%. across the board, stocks have opened higher this tuesday morning. the price of oil having no impact on the market these days, at $47 a share. i've got a forgot theory about predicting election results. if stocks rise in the three months before the election, the
9:31 am
incumbent party wins. if they go down in the three months before the election, the opposition party wins. well, the dow has been down each of the last three months so that should point towards a trump victory. i don't hold much store in all of this, but we will discuss. ashley webster is here, liz macdonald, michael murphy, steve cortez. around the block, i don't care at all about the so-called election market indicators. do you mike murphy? >> i don't. but the markets at these levels, not a lot of buyers or sellers or conviction going into the election. however, i think once the election is over, people will look at the fed needing to raise rates, i think the market is too expensive at these levels. stuart: i see your point. steve, do you believe in the market indicators? >> no, when something only happens every four years, you don't have a sample size large enough for it be to statistically significant. i concur with mike, market, the
9:32 am
fed would raise rates if it weren't for the election. and once the election is out of the way, they're live, and i don't think our economy is strong enough. stuart: todd, come in. does the market go down on november 9th, regardless of who wins? just as a kind of a knee jerk reaction to the election? >> it could possibly go down. the market, i agree with both mike and steve. the market is in a lot of trouble and that's because of the fed legalized ponzi scheme they're runng. no matter who, within the next six months we'll start to see a correction no matter who wins the white house. the theory if it's down significantly going into the election it might have some weight, but we've really been flat for the last three months, barely down. i don't ng that that matters. stuart: that's true. how long has it been since i reported the first two numbers
9:33 am
on the dow were 17? it's been 18,000 for a long, long, long time. flat market. that's the truth. and right now, we're up what, 20 odd points, 18,164. there we are. a couple of individual stocks for you, angie's list, we all know that and the tv commercials, but they lost money and they are exploring a sale. that's why the stock goes up nearly 9%. coach, i always call them democratic luxury. they have these-- because they've got items on sale which are just in the range of middle america, but it's expensive for that. well, what do they do? they forecast a nice future. so up they go, 3 1/2% not bad for coach. sales slowing down at elle brand, the parent company of victoria's secret and 7%, how about that. general motors sales, got them in, liz liz: not bad. came in relatively flat, watch
9:34 am
the year to date units they're selling, on track for 18,000 light vehicle cars. silverado pickup under pressure, sales down 3% year over year. stuart: and the stock doesn't move. >> and pays dividends while you wait. stuart: let me repeat that, anybody who is worried about the market falling after the election, you can get 4% dividend. >> 4.75 on gm. >> 4.75 dividend and that's safe? they're not going to cut it? >> it appears to be safe. the company look at the sales numbers, nothing out there that tells you they're going to cut it. stuart: that's interesting. 4.75%. maybe the old industrial can'ts will make a come back. 4.75% may do it.
9:35 am
pfizer, their profit for short. has this anything to do with viagra? pfizer makes viagra. nicole: that's not what the story is about, we'll follow viagra and other drugs that are doing well. this is all about the drug they basically missed, they had to pull this off, a cholesterol drug, it was based on-- it was to compete against the statins, lower the ldl, the bad cholesterol, shut down those heart attacks and strokes, but they were not getting the desired results. as a result now, they said they're ending development of this drug and that's not good news. the stock moves to basically a seven-month low, but again, a slew of new drugs from rheumatoid arthritis, anti-could anti-ko anticoagulaanti-ko anticoagulan
9:36 am
anticoagulants. >> look at wells fargo, after all the headaches the stock has gone through, it's lost $10 a share throughout this crisis period at wells fargo. they've got another problem today, got to pay $50 million in the settlements over home owner fees. i don't think this is a big-- well, the market keeps wells fargo-- >> it's about 8 bucks, $10 off the 52-week highs. more shenanigans at wells fargo, it's buried in contracts. they inflated the charts and buried it. quarter million sued. stuart: talk to me, go ahead. >> it's steve. generally the market i like is banks. if the panel agrees that the fed is going to do that, the yield curve has been steepening in recent weeks in anticipation
9:37 am
of rate hikes. i'm generally skeptical, but-- >> do you own wells fargo? >> no, i don't know about the legal risk there. the whole lot of them. get them all at once. stuart: todd, what are you going to say? >> no, i agree and i do owns wells fargo, but i think that the banks -- there's more issues and they're going to continue to come out. i think that the stress tests are a little shaky as well. however, the space has been so beaten down that higher interest rates will allow them to make more money because they can spread out the money and provide liquidity to the average lender on the street and might create some small buness and might create some jobs. stuart: after all of this trouble, it's 46? come on. >> i agree with you. and for the traders out there if you're looking to trade the election, elizabeth warren, hillary clinton want to go after the banks, so if you believe trump is going to win, you can look at financials and look at biotechs because hillary clinton said she wanted to cut prices on biotechs.
9:38 am
they're down 13% since they said that. if you wanted to trade the election, that's a way to do that. stuart: microsoft, i do own some of that, giving away the blueprints for servers and software so you can have a-- they can have a better cloud storage. >> the cloud storage, microsoft being a lead in the space. they put out a new system, it's an open sharing collaboration type of things and allows people to come in and use that platform to access the cloud. what this does to its competitors, this is smart by microsoft, it reduces the margins of profits from the other competitors, more people are using the microsoft platform. they're getting out ahead of it and putting a lot of their attention on the cloud, as are every other company out there in this space. microsoft doing a good job. stuart: good old microsoft. [laughter] liz: liz: and you own it. stuart: a little bit, true. [laughter] our viewers must hate me. [laughter] .
9:39 am
>> with their new ceo when he was out and he talked about opening up microsoft, and back with bill gates you never would have seen, but that's the way the economy is going. >> that's an important point, microsoft-- congratulations, stuart, great buy on microsoft. stuart: 20 years ago. but for many, many years they've had the largest r & d budget in the entire world, but i don't know that they had the right leadership. now that they have new leadership there, it seems like the innovation is back. stuart: i like you steve. you're all right. i do own microsoft. look at health insurers, obamacare open enrollment, premiums going straight up. liz, is obamacare a factor in the election? and where. >> in the swing states, north carolina seeing it going up basically 40, 40%. pennsylvania 53%. southwest florida, many people there only have one insurer to choose from in the exchanges, here is the thing, basically the premiums sticker shock is scaring away the people they need to enroll to float the
9:40 am
exchanges. >> and the tax credits are going to cost taxpayers 672 billion over the next ten years. the costs of obamacare tax credits. stuart: charge it up to china. >> prices go up. the people that this was supposed to help, they're saying i'll not spend the money, i'm gamble on it. stuart: it's collapsing. it is collapsing. bad news for jersey people. a major increase in the state's gas tax goes into effect today, raising the tax from 14 1/2 cents to 37 1/2 cents. that will being, doing the math. 23 cent per gallon hike. todd, you're no stronger to higher gas prices, you're in illinois, i believe. lucky you. >> we have the highest there is and you know, that's the bigger problem, stuart is all the tax that we need to add on. although we don't have inflation, they keep finding ways to charge us more tax to pay more for the same product
9:41 am
we've been buying all along. and i think that's a problem overall and create much more pressure on the markets as well. stuart: yesterday was halloween and we didn't mention it once on the show, but we're going to mention it now because i have a photo of mike murphy and his large family on halloween and they're dressed like-- show me, please, have we got it? there we go. ashley: there it is. stuart: wow, that's your family? >> two of them missing. the baby and madison wasn't there. >> oh. stuart: which one are you? [laughter] >> in the middle. the spooky markets and scary times r times. stuart: walking dead? >> zombies. ashley: this is before they dressed up. stuart: get a lot of candy? >> lots. stuart: thank you very much indeed. steve, todd, mike, all three of you. thank you very much indeed. great start to a tuesday morning. check the big board, where are we? ever so slightly higher. keep saying this, a week to go to the election d that market has been flat. up three points now. the fbi reopening its
9:42 am
investigation into hillary's e-mails and now we're learning that loretta lynch told james comey, don't do it. judge napolitano on that in a moment. and john kasich voted early and cast his ballot for john mccain. and donald trump says kasich still hasn't gotten over his defeat in the primaries. oh, we're on that. ♪
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>> oh, look at chipotle. they're a little bit higher today.
9:46 am
oh, not much. 66 cents, they're at $361 a share and that's about as low as they've been at anytime in the last years. hillary already reportedly planning a giant victory celebration, what's that about? >> fireworks over the hudson river could commence, a half hour after the polls close at 9:30 p.m. jacob javits centers and voters for hillary expected to show up. and the plans came up before the bombshell from the fbi about the e-mails of huma-- >> the new york times says she's booked liz: liz: the irony is trump is also reportedly planning as well. stuart: premature elation and bottom right-hand corner,
9:47 am
anthony weiner. certainly not-- >> if you want it, premature evacuation. stuart: all right, lizzie. the justice department in the news, and a lot of people say that justice department a hopelessly compromised. the aforeheard of judge napolitano is here. >> afore-heard of. stuart: closed door meeting thursday last week, the attorney general says tacomy, this ain't policy. you're not supposed to reopen the investigation. comey says, are you ordering me not to do it? no, but it's against policy. comey does it anyway. >> there are a couple of different versions and this is what happens when we rely on sources, we have sources here in new york, our colleagues in d.c. have sources. one version is pretty much as you've characterized it. another version is that they never actually spoke directly, that it was through an
9:48 am
intermediary, an unnamed intermediary, someone senior to comey and below attorney general lynch. stuart: but the outcome was the same? >> the outcome was the same. now, the attorney general never said don't investigate. you have the legal obligation and moral obligation to investigate wherever the evidence takes you. stuart: don't send the letter to the congress. >> which is an instruction, i agree. he could have informed congress using the safe rooms or not enveloped congress, he has no legal obligation to do so, two regulations he violated by informing him. stuart: why didn't the attorney general say to mr. comey, don't it, that's an order. i don't do it. >> i don't know the answer to that. i don't know that she didn't say that because remember, we have these different versions of what the communications were. stuart: okay. why do you think she didn't order him? >> well, she--
9:49 am
>> shall i tell you? >> she probably participated in the decision to not impanel a grand jury which made the initial fbi investigation, the one that was toothless and meaningless. stuart: she knew if she ordered him not to get in touch with the congressional chairs, know the to reopen the investigation, that he would resign and if he resigned she knew perfectly well-- >> the attorney general six months from now. but if he resigned in the mid of of this, it would be a far bigger story. stuart: i disagree with you, if hillary clinton wins the election, the attorney general says in place. >> so no, i said i don't think that comey would stay in polic police-- >> here is the constitutional crisis, you have a hopelessly compromised justice department staying in the same situation with the same attorney general in the next administration.
9:50 am
>> i doubt we'll have the same attorney general. we have something new. >> i want to pick up the point, because the latest wikileaks e-mails shows there's a strong relationship between john podesta and a person by the name of peter cansic, at the justice department, those two in constant contact and had-- >> he's still a top official in the justice department. ashley: still a top official, talk about a conflict between the person running hillary's campaign and the person in the justice department. >> compromised if miss lynch stays attorney general. a breath of fresh air, if hillary wins. but i take issue with the constitutional crisis comment, we have clinton v jones and the supreme court said the president is immune. meaning if the president is
9:51 am
charged with a crime the president cannot be prosecuted while she's president. stuart: our system is in deep trouble if hillary clinton wins, period. >> you can make that argument, but you can't make that argument on the basis of the constitution. you make that on the basis of her politics. stuart: i would never argue with you on the constitution. >> even with the parts you disagree, correct. stuart: it's your interpretation that has me in trouble sometimes. >> you were about to say unhinged? >> no, we've gone way over time. >> they're screaming in my ear. stuart: vice-president joe biden says we haven't had time to focus on donald trump and his stupid ideas because he says so many ridiculous things. we'll play you the sound bite. back in a moment. so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren? well, you could get support from thinkorswim's in-app chat.
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9:56 am
stuart: whoa! katie paflich, you see my reaction, what are ours. >> and now we know why joe biden didn't run, ideas, asking people in wheelchairs to stand up at rallies or reading quote, end quote at the end after teleprompter message. for joe biden to talk about how donald trump is stupid is a little rich. it goes to the point of clinton campaign not talking about issues, not talking about news on obamacare front. stuart: i think that biden was just plain wrong. he says that trump's policies are stupid. well, i don't think they're stupid. cutting taxes, growing the economy, restoring prosperity, doing something about trade, school of choice. what's wrong with that? >> well, if they're going to
9:57 am
call trump's policies stupid then they should offer up why hillary clinton's policies are smart. and even hillary clinton at a rally yesterday is going back to the same old argument of donald trump's saying these things that she's been talking about for months. she has nothing new to speak about in the final days and that's a problem for her, considering she has to get back to the issue, so to speak, with the fbi information that's coming out and as people go through their open enrollment process and see, as you've been covering, that their premiums are going up on average 50, 60% in most states. stuart: you can blame judge napolitano for this, we've go to end the interview. he took up your time. >> see you next week. stuart: outright cheating and the media. my opinion of the clinton campaign. and donald trump campaigning today in pennsylvania.
9:58 am
and the obamacare death spiral. we'll take you there, that will be in the 1 is 1:00 hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> from dirty tricks to plain old-fashioned cheating. the clinton campaign is corrupt. it's dishonest. it's no different from the low life politics from the nixon era. let's be clear. hillary clinton cheated in her debates with bernie sanders. she knew questions in advance. she had time to prepare. she was caught and she said nothing. she was fed those questions by donna brazile, and she lied about those and she's acting chair of the dn c: cnn has yet to launch an investigation, yet again. media complicit in deception. dirty tricks, clinton operatives inciting violence at trump rallies and plotting illegal voting in doing it. the campaign denied any
10:01 am
connection. e-mails leaks revealed they lied about that, they knew what was going on. notice we haven't even mentioned the latest round of scandal, hillary's private, insecure, easily hackable, her cover is, being revealed not by the media, but by julian assange. the a corrupt campaign going into a presidential election with a trail of lies, deception and cheap political tricks. prominent media outlets all along and now a candidate, hillary clinton is under fbi investigation. nobody feels good about this. we vote in seven days. and the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. breaking right now. fresh economic numbers, a reading on the manufacturing sector
10:02 am
liz: yeah, better than expected 51.9%. this is the 6th rise in seven months. this could mean that the fed could be under pressure to raise rates in september as factories chug along. stuart: markets did turn lower. ashley: did turn lower. >> fed rate hike. stuart: down goes the rket, up goes the likelihood of a fed rate hike. >> we're watching auto sales, 10% drop for chrysler in auto sales, not good year over year. jeep grand cherokee and the rams pickup trucks are pulling the load here, but still, they've had mixed sales figures for fiat chrysler for a couple of months now. stuart: my town and chrysler van is selling well. ashley: the one with the manual windows. stuart: dollar for dollar, best car i ever bought. let's move on. check this big board. we're not down much. we have a positive reading on
10:03 am
the economy. the market went down 10 or 11 points, not that much movement. price of oil not a factor in the market today. $46 a barrel. how about chipotle. down to around the $360 level. 362. that's about a three-year low. very roughly. and sales are down at l brands, that's the parent company of victoria's secret along with bath and body works. they gave a lower outlook, don't do that. down goes the stock 7%. the hospital tenet health care says it will lose more money, the stock, however, is up. 3.75%. that stock market gets you, doesn't it? you never know where these things are going. back to hillary's mount scandals, here she is the fbi investigation. >> there's a new e-mail story, about why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election without evidence of
10:04 am
any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a really good question said repeatedly. i made a mistake, i'm not making any excuses. if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead and look at them and i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails last year. it wasn't even a close call. stuart: i think the point is that her e-mails were on anthony weiner's device, okay, got that? here is what trump had to say about all of this, roll tape. >> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of of a sitting president. and let me tell you folks, let me tell you the way life is, they just found the 650,000 e-mails. one e-mail, one e-mail being classified or confidential,
10:05 am
one, out of 650,000, i guarantee you, there are many, many of the e-mails that were missing are in there. thank you huma, thank you, anthony, i never liked you, anthony. stuart: all right, to the polls. the national tracking poll from abc news and "the washington post," shows trump now with a one point lead. that's 46 to 45. if i'm not mistaken, hillary clinton had a 12-point lead in that poll less than two weeks ago. i think i'm accurate in saying that. that's a huge comeback for donald trump. very, very recently. look who is here. you know this lady. she's the co-host and all around star much the fox news channel, this is dana per reasonia. >> good to be here, i've missed you. stuart: we haven't sat together on a tv set for a long time. >> here we are. >> what do you drink in morning? is it coffee? mcdonald's coffee that gives you this energy? >> what are you implying? >> i'm asking because i want
10:06 am
advice, feel that good in the morning. stuart: caffeine, does me good. >> straight into vein. stuart: it's best if you get up at 3:30 in the morning and coffeed up. >> this is politics and you're right in the political arena. i described the clinton campaign as virtually nixonion in dirty tricks, lies and cheats, et cetera, et cetera. i came on strong. >> there's probably a school of thought that agrees with you and donald trump agrees with you. you're right about the abc-washington post poll. plus 12 for clinton and national average between 5 and 6 a week ago and now probably to about 2% maybe a lead going into election day, which means that anything could happen. and that was true in 2000, for example, there was about a 2%, a couple of polls showed bush up 2, couple polls showed gore up 2.
10:07 am
and then what ended up happening, florida being the state and trump being smart in florida, and rudy guiliani there. north carolina doesn't look too good, but-- >> it's not too late. >> it's not. and look how much it moved. and i think that donald trump is taking this political gift given to him and being disciplined and he's focusing on the e-mails and obamacare. e-mack said there's good numbers for the obama team, why won't anybody talk about the gdp growth and manufacturing numbers, these are good numbers, it doesn't matter when obamacare is affecting every single person. stuart: at the moment, trump is a couple of points down in pennsylvania, but he goes to pennsylvania today and this is november the 1st. this is the day when new enrollees or reenrollees and the premiums are going up 50% in pennsylvania.
10:08 am
it's a wide open opportunity for trump to blast open obamacare and catch up a couple of points. >> there's no early voting in pennsylvania so all we have is the polls. you know in florida,trump is doing pretty well in voting and in north carolina, hillary clinton is doing well in early voting. in pennsylvania you don't know. republicans have not won pennsylvania since george h.w. bush won it in 1988. it's the one that got away. stuart: if you're sitting in our election headquarters on election night and you see pennsylvania come along for trump. >> then he's got a chance to win the election for sure, but if it's the other way, you might have a sinking feeling if you're a trump fan. so pennsylvania and florida certainly the ones to watch. stuart: i have to ask you about your dog and the book. 'cause they're intertwined here. >> oh. stuart: the book is let me tell you about jasper, how my best friend became america's dog.
10:09 am
i love how you say jasper, that's how peter says it. it's been a fun distraction during this election year, it's a book about my love for dogs. i know you share it. stuart: i do. >> and that's one thing i wanted to do, remember, we have common ground. if you can't talk to anybody about politics, talk about your dog. and no politics at the dog park. and they have modern art you might know from the twitter. stuart: ap-- and dana, great to have you back on the show. not back on the show, the first time. >> it's my debut. stuart: you might have to come back on. >> we used to do things late at night, on television. see i'm awake. stuart: moving swiftly along. >> he had breakfast tea. stuart: moving swiftly along. back to your money and what everybody is wondering, what happens to the market on november 9th. the day after the election, i
10:10 am
think there's going to be a selloff. my opinion no matter who wins. i think we go down november 9th. tenured economics professor university of maryland, peter mauricesy, he's with us now. the market goes down whomsoever wins november 9th? >> i think that's the prospect. the sword of damaclese is going to hang over the market if hillary clinton is elected president. one who is technically immune from prosecution. will the public let that hold up? if the trump campaign turns into a movement which is now likely, given the nature of these findings and these revelations about hillary clinton. i think we need to go to brazil if we want good government instability. stuart: what did you say, go to brazil if you want good government what? >> well, it's better than here. at least there they prosecute presidents who are elected. this woman is going to get elected and have a four year
10:11 am
pass according to the judge. -- felons in office-- >> long-term, if trump wins, he puts his tax cuts in place. if hillary wins, she spends big on social programs. what happens to the economy and the markets, a year down the road with either of these two policies? >> well, after the market adjusts to donald trump, it's going to do very well. because we're going to return to reagan style economics. if he does something about the trade deficit, remember reagan with the accord and the boom that followed. we can look forward to eight years of prosperity, robust prosperity. if hillary clinton becomes president then weekly she'll rch up to capitol hill with yet another tax increase on people that create jobs, that work hard, that improve themselves, to basically send money to chicago for anarchy. my feeling with trump the
10:12 am
market pro pers. with hillary clinton it's not going to be pretty. stuart: i'm glad you're tenured because saying something like th will get you. thank you. >> take care. stuart: a deadly pipeline explosion in alabama, one dead, five injured. a track hoe hit the gasline-- that should be a backhoe hit the gas line. huge fire. people three miles away were evacuated because of what you see on your screens. new revelations from wikileaks, acting head the dnc, donna brazile helping hillary giving her questions ahead of time. she told that she-- >> and bobby knight gave this
10:13 am
endorsement for donald trump, roll tape. >> one last thing, there is no (bleep) with donald trump!
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> a tiny loss for the big board. we're down what is it 16 points, that's where we are. now this, cnn parted ways with donna brazile after e-mails showed her giving the clinton campaign debate questions in advance. backtrack a little. you remember when donna brazile told megyn kelly otherwise? roll tape. >> you were accused of receiving a debate question before a cnn town hall. how did you get that question, donna. >> kelly since i play straight up and i play straight up with you, i did not receive any questions from cnn. >> podesta's e-mail. >> well, podesta's e-mails are stolen. you're talking about stolen material. >> you deny it. >> you're like a thief want to
10:17 am
bring in the night the things you found in the gutter. >> well, donna brazile is gone from cnn, october 16th. we didn't hear about it, but she's gone. why has cnn not appointed some kind of outside counsel to find out who gave the question to donna brazile to give to hillary clinton liz: the brand is at stake here, anytime they hold another debate, cnn holds another debate, you have to wonder what happens with the questions there. the new york times has a public editor and has for a while. and c. in n needs to do that, clean up shop and show that top to bottom that this is an isolated case, if it is. ashley: it is the clinton news network, cnn, that's what it is liz: that's what they've been criticized. stuart: why did jeff zucker, the editor of cnn why he hire and stall donna brazile. ashley: he didn't.
10:18 am
she's been there since the 2000's and contributed in abc news and hannity and colmes in the mid 2000's. stuart: and paid. >> and paid liz: she's been a democrat operative for 25 years so they can't be passed off as independent analysts and journalists and that happens on many networks, many networks. stuart: it does. okay. as one of the founders of cnn, i object. now, this, the evangelical voting block, in 2012, a lot of evangelicals stayed home and would not vote for mitt romney. and our next guest says christians of all stripes have no choice, they must come out to vote and here is the headline of our guest's article, why christians must vote in this election, staying home is not an option.
10:19 am
robert jeffers is here, first dallas baptist and trump supporters. >> they wouldn't come out and vote for mitt romney, why should they come out and vote for trump this time around. >> my new op-ed at fox i talk about three reasons christians must vote. i would say the top of the list is this, voting is a way to stop evil in our country. you know, if you see an elderly woman being assaulted, you have the power to stop the assault, but don't, you may not be legally culpable, but you're moral lly culpable assault. we're seeing an assault against the unborn, an assault on religious liberty. donald trump promised to stop both of those assaults and hillary clinton promised to continue them and that's why christians must stand up and stop the assault. and i realize, stuart, abortion, religious liberty are not at the top of the list of most americans' concerns, but
10:20 am
they should be with christians. >> and the word has it that they would not vote for mitt romney because he was a mormon. fast forward to donald trump and he said un-christian things and we know it, very un-christian indeed. make the case that you should swallow it all and vote for trump anyway. is it that big a deal-- go ahead, make the case and why should people vote for trump bearing in mind what he said? >> i'm the best person to make that case because nobody was more critical of mitt romney in the primaries than i was and i made a lot of headlines for that, but when it came to the general election i said there's no choice, but to vote for mitt romney. and what i say in this op-ed piece, it's not voting about personalities, it's about positions. in 1980's, evangelicals voted for a known womanizer in
10:21 am
halloween, reagan. it's not because we were endorsing womanizing, but we were voting for his policies. that's what we need to look at, the policies not the personalities. we're all sinners, and we need a savior, that's not what the election is about, it's about policy. stuart: i've got 20 seconds left, robert. i want you to answer the question. do you think that evangelicals will vote vigorously and enthusiastically for donald trump? >> i think that's the piece. this election does not depend on e-mails, but on evangelical tournamentout and we will-- turn out and we'll see in a week. stuart: 57% of doctors say they won't be taking new obamacare
10:22 am
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> hillary's scandals are mounting-- i was talking to ash on the side there. [laughter] . hillary clinton's scandals are mounting and the latest abc-washington post poll showing hillary lagging in voter enthusiasm. that poll focuses on enthusiasm. down 7 points since last week. trump 53 and hillary clinton 45. okay, i'm making that out. that's clear. she's down in the enthusiasm stakes, can we put it like that? adam shapiro is with us in dade city, florida. early voting is underway. adam, two things, give me the numbers on early voting and
10:26 am
tell me if there's any way to figure out which way the early voting is going, for trump or hillary? >> i'll start with the second part of that. this is looking very good for the republicans. voting was like nothing in 2012 for the democrats. voting by mail, republicans are leading among registered voting. 856, 187 returned the ballots. republicans lead 72,000 roughly over democrats. voting early at polling stations, stuart, democrats are leading by 56,000 votes, republicans voted 783,416 ch. overall, in early voting roughly republicans are the lead and you talk about enthusiasm. look at this, this is where clinton is going to be speaking this afternoon, it's a small, small area. there's barely going to be room for 200 people there. the trump rally in orlando
10:27 am
tomorrow you're going to have in excess of 10,000 people, back to you. stuart: whoa, there's a s statist statistic. >> she speaks there this afternoon, that's fascinating. thank you, adam shapiro. back in a moment.
10:28 am
this man creates software, used by this bank,
10:29 am
to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president,
10:30 am
this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. stuart: remember alcoa split in two. alcoa that's aluminum cans that you drink beer out of the other is arconiy on plane and cars, the spinoff down. that's where we stand. got that. look at young brands please. parents of kfc spinning off china unit that will be independent company called young china both of them today.
10:31 am
all right, that's money, here's politic. seven days to election scandal so weighing very heavily on the clinton campaign. come on in, trump senior advisory lieutenant general michael flynn back with us this morning. general, always good to see you, sir, welcome back. >> thanks stuart, thanks for having me on this morning. >> here's my problem with anthony weiner's laptop is there secret material on that laptop. he's read it. who else has read it? that seems to me to be the big problem and you're the guy in charge of military security at one time, weren't you? >> i'll tell you what this is a very, very serious issue because if there's one piece of classification on that 165,000 you have elements particularly with a guy like anthony weiner let's tax talk about extortion, espionage there are so many things that are going to surround this particular case.
10:32 am
and it all ties back to, you know, the previous investigation under against hillary clinton which essentially what most people i don't think clearly understand -- this is not necessarily an investigation against anthony weiner. there was a case pending against him for pet the pedophilia this is reopening of the investigation against hillary clinton. this is a very, very serious issue. so i would say from my perspective with my intelligence, my security, counterintelligence background stuart, we have a serious national security issue here. because the fact that there's 650,000 e-mails, i will bet a dime to a dollar stuart, and you know economics that we have classified information on the 650,000 and they're at the most highly sensitive level. >> general, we are, reports in the media today that the fbi has new ways of doing a mass search. they've got some kind of search
10:33 am
engine that can go through 650,000 e-mails isolate the ones that have been to be looked at manually or eyes on kind of thing. that implies that we might get an answer to this question rather quickly. and the question being, is there classified material on the e-mails on anthony weiner's server so laptop, we might get an answer before the election. that's not impossible, is it? >> it's not impossible. but one of the other problems that -- director comey has is that if there is one piece of classified information on that then he needs to have what we would call properly cleared people to be able to look at it. and this is -- this gets to be a big challenge for the fbi. if they don't have enough cleared people that means people with clearnesses to be tiebl look at this information, then he's got to stop all engines because they have to be cleared properly to be able to look at the classified information and i'm telling you is on that --
10:34 am
is in that $650,000. sos there's a problem and it's, you know, going to take time. you know, who knows what's on that, what's in this 650,000? hillary clinton knows, and somebody ought to ask her while she's out and about trying to campaign to be the next pet of president of the united states give me a break. when is enough, u enough for the american people to put up with a scandal after scamgdz an frankly this is one that is so serious and i'm -- you know i can't emphasize that enough, in terms of what we now now because there are new -- e-mails on this. the potential for this 33,000 that were missing is also part of this. so this is a big deal. >> a very big deal. yes it is general thank you very much for being with us today. you know what you're talking about. you were former chief of military intelligence, that's a big deal. thank you, sir, we appreciate your expertise. thank you very much. >> thanks stuart. thank you. >> amazing. donald trump is in wisconsin today.
10:35 am
remember please, he lost the republican -- the wisconsin republican primary. he lost it. the latest real clear average of wisconsin polls this is just wisconsin, shows him down 5.7, 47 to 41.3. rich el duffy will be with him in wisconsin today. she's with us right now. rachelon a lot of people are saying why are you waste your time in wisconsin when you're so far down you've better use of it going to florida, ohio, what's your answer to that? >> well he's got to win all of those states that you mentioned. but he has a chance with three states he needs additional state. pennsylvania, michigan, or wisconsin i think is best chance is here in wisconsin. if you're on the ground you would not believe that poll. i think that things are much tighter tomorrow the marquette poll comes out. that's the gold standard in wisconsin. i think it's going to show that this race is neck and neck within the margin of error, and so this is a smart move on his part. you know, the hillary democrat
10:36 am
support is -- has been steady 90% in the summer trump was around you know 74, 75, 76%. those hashtag never trumpers in northeast home of the never trump movement they're starting to come home. there are now -- now hitting arranged 86% of republicans supporting trump. and tipping that number is going to grow. i mean what your last guest said this is serious stuff. i mean, this is stuff that gives people pause what they're seeing happen. if a fern came to my husband's office a young staffer wanted to get hired they would not get hired with the stigma of what she has done with classified information. a young staffer could not get hired on the hill with that. this is somebody wanting to be president of the united states. >> your husband is congressman duffy republican from wisconsin. got that. now what has been talking about never trumpers. what do you make of ohio's governor john kasich he say he's going to write in john mccain.
10:37 am
won't vote for trump write in john mccain. you know, what's going on here, rachel? >> well, i mean look it's a free country john kasich has his reasons i think that was a very brutal primary. he may maybe saw things he didnt like. i get it but ting that republicans are coming home. they understand what's at stake. can i say this too stuart i know neighbors of mine who are voting for trump but won't put a trump sign in front of their home. much less their business that's the other mystery number i think out there in polls. i think a lot of people would be very -- cautious about telling any old pollster they're volting for trump. and again, i don't think there's ever been a -- class of vote rs that have been more disrespected, more insultethan this, than trump supporters. so ting that there's this mystery thing going on here and we'll see it on election day.
10:38 am
if and when we may see it in this poll coming out now. but i think there's people that haven't being captured in polls. >> we want to see marquette poll i believe gold center in wisconsin. poll comes out tomorrow and you think that trump will have pulled even with hillary in that gold standard poll? >> yes. i believe he'll be close to even. today he's coming up to -- central wisconsin this is an area where we're seeing a lot of blue dog democrats. people who normally vote for the democrat party are switching over to trump. this area and his had message resonates up here in north and central wisconsin. stuart: my how times change. rachel thank you for joining us oz always thank you. >> you've got it. thanks stuart. >> obamacare not just getting more expensive next year but harder to actually see a doctor with an obamacare plan. listen to this. 57% of doctors say they're not going to accept obamacare. patients next year, that's
10:39 am
dramatic. >>s that dramatic and for more than half -- what is going on, what's going on is insure reverse fleeing obamacare and doctors aren't getting paid and not what they feel they're planned in place in exchanges so, in fact, the american college of physicians center sent a report to department of justice saying doctors are not getting paid is this your intent is this what youen play to do to bairvegly have us not being paid so paraphrasing what they said. so we also see that people are not very satisfied with their insurance plans right now. by the way, 1.4 million people are expected to lose their insurance plan under obamacare for next year. >> premium is u up 53% -- donald trump speaks in pennsylvania within the hour, i believe -- we'll take you there when it happens. he's going to plug obamacare as his very good issue to take that state. we'll be back. all right, now this. wait for it.
10:40 am
video from zimbabwe, africa a couple swim in a pool suddenly a crock. crocodile jumps out of the pool, the man jumps out of the fool. the crock jumps in. he jumps out leaves his female partner to fend her herself. she fight it is off. she then escapes but not before being bitten several times. i think i would change partners. >> ex-female partner. [laughter] right. up next one of donald trump diversity advisors who says this -- trump could get as many as 25% of the african-american votes. stay right there. we will be right back. the pursuit of healthier.
10:41 am
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♪ ashley: "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern here's what you missed last hour katy mcfarland explaining why clinton e-mail scandal is worse than "watergate." >> i was in the white house during "watergate" working for richard nixon was hillary was on the hill working for the wart gait committee.
10:43 am
that argument about "watergate" was that nixon had a coverup of a break-in. the argument about the e-mail scandals could endanger national security. "watergate" whatever you say about it nobody died. there was no national aspect to it. i think that e-mail scandal could be not because it's an e-mail scandal baa because what were they covering up? was clinton foundation donating in getting favor -- donation to russians donating to clinton foundation and russians got permission to buy 20% of our uranium stock which you use to make nuclear weapons.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> early voting well underway in some of the big swing states. we have reports that suggest african-american voters are significantly staying away in the early voting compared to 2012. i've got a headline from politico, quote, weak early voter turnout among african-americans hurts clinton in florida. come on in, burnell donald trump national diversity coalition. why is it that black folks are not showing back much enthusiasm in the early vote for hillary clinton? why not? >> well we know that hillary clinton from our souls black people know that hillary clinton is not going to do anything for black people. and then you have to remember
10:46 am
eight years under the president, the president department do anything for the inner city. she doesn't have an example to go behind. and so we know if a black president left the inner cities behind the the poor latino and poor blacks behind. we know that hillary is not going to come behind and do anything. so there's no enthusiasm for her. because we know that it's going to be a big fail for the intercities under hillary clinton. >>able you predict that the black vote could go 25% for donald trump. which would be a huge -- huge voting turnout for donald trump. >> i believe that it will. stuart: what do you base that, i know you believe it. but what do you base it on? >> i get calls from facebook and communication with people who are saying look, i'm not like you. i can't get on television and people call me an sellout and uncle tom and coon, or anything like that. but when i go into that voting
10:47 am
booth i'm going to vote donald trump and then i'm going to vote democrat the rest of the way. >> do you think it's possible if you're right -- a 25% of black votes go for donald trump. they give donald trump the election. that's -- that's the way it would be. >> you know, he's the change agt. i mean, just look at how the democratic party is treating down in brazil now. imagine they're say oh well she gave hillary clinton the questions before the debate. but hillary clinton took them. now, look cnn is cut ties with down in brazil now trying to ostracize here and same thing they do with the black slow vote every four years begging, knock on doors begging for our support and then when it's time to come through on agenda that they've promised help in inner city and giverring money in our communities and make our schools better they never deliver, and so this time around, i believe that black people have smartened up. people keep saying michelle obama is the big threat to, you know, donald trump. well what i would say is this,
10:48 am
michelle obama was sat in that white house with her husband watched him give 33 billion dollars to iran and didn't say anything about our inner cities when chicago she's from the south side there's a south side looks the same way it did when she left eight years ago. i respect the first lady greatly but i'm not happy with the way that her and my president did not help the inner cities like they promised. they got our votes and then they ran away. and so this time around, i believe people have smartened up. stuart: if i wanted someone to speak for me i would be you that i choose. >> thank you, god bless you and god bless america. >> thank you god bless you too. a bombshell from wikileaks another one. >> this is interesting yes, every day -- this is very interesting from john podesta to cheryl mills talking about hiring someone. but podesta in the middle of all of this back in march of last year says on another matter, not to sound like lanny i believe is
10:49 am
lanny davis clinton supporter loyalist, but we're going to have to dump all of those e-mails to better to do so sooner than later. stuart: dump as in reveal or get rid of it shall >> get rid of. would use the world dump. [laughter] it goes on and on doesn't it? wonderful stuff. all right wait a minute. what happened to volkswagen after emission scandal? what happened to their sale? i'll tell you, disaster spell it out. >> sales are down 18.5%. flat last month prior to that trending down 11 straight in on thes to volkswagen picking up again and trend down in sales. this was after that 14.7 billion settlement over that diesel scandal. >> i see if it bounces the scandal stock, and event stock that goes down, down, down and you look for the bout we haven't had it yet. 30 at this point. got it. happening in our next hour donald trump and mike pence holding campaign rally in pennsylvania.
10:50 am
the topic today is obamacare. as it collapses, the average american pays for it. and now mr. trump has a major advantage just 7 days from the election. oh, yeah we will be back. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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10:54 am
>> i have been a supporter of secretary clinton. >> the secretary of state wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation and deeply concerned that we will have a constitutional crisis if she's elected. >> wow. >> i want to learn more this week, see what we see. but as of today, i'm not a supporter of the secretary of state for the nation. >> how long have you known clintons? >> i've known the clintons since '94 long time clinton supporter, in fact, worked for clintons in the 90s now he says he can not vote for hillary. donald trump even referenced towing at one of his rally and have doug joins us next hour. ask him about latest polls trump taking the lead in the abc tracking poll surging a week before the election. also we're going to take you live to pennsylvania. right there, we're waiting for him donald trump will be talking about the secret issue that is helping him in the polls. find out what that is. but first, judge napolitano from the last hour on the other issue
10:55 am
helping mr. trump, hillary's scandals. >> close to a meeting, thursday, of last week, the attorney general says to comey this ain't policy. you're not supposed to be releasing that information now reopening the investigation. comey says are you ordering me not to do it she says no but it's against policy. comey does it anyway. there's a couple of different versions of this. and this is what happens when we all rely on sources you know, we have sources here in new york, our colleagues in d.c. have sources. so one version is, pretty much as you have characterized it. another version are is they never actually spoke directly it was through an intermediary and lynch. but outcome was the same. now the attorney general never said don't investigate. if you have the legal obligation and moral obligation to
10:56 am
investigate wherever it takes you. >> correct. which is an instruction with which as you know i agree, he could have informed congress using safe rooms in congress where classified materials are already could have not informed congress but be he has no legal obligation to do so. in fact there were two regulations that he vieted by informing them. >> why department the attorney general say, say to mr. comey don't do it? that's an order? i'm your boss that's an order don't do it? >> i don't know the answer and i don't know that she didn't say that. because remember we have these different versions of what the communications were. so you don't need a comfort pony. so what about my motivational meerkat? in-app chat on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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10:59 am
stuart: today is november the first. it is the day he started rolling and obamacare for next year. watch out, you will pay through the nose. so far, obamacare is not plain not big of a role in the election. it's been overshadowed by scandal.
11:00 am
maybe that's about to change. the scandal is not going away but the financial crisis known as obamacare may be about to take center stage. look at pennsylvania, a must win state for donald trump. at the moment to trail from a couple points. the obamacare sign-ups will get a shock. premium monthly payments up one and 50%. imagine being hit with that. minutes from now donald trump will speak at pennsylvania rally. obamacare we are told will be a focus. a swing of just a couple points would push trying to a leadership position in that state. look at arizona. couple weeks ago that they was a tossup. but we will see a premium hike of 50% or more. arizona is now back in the trump column. same story with georgia appeared evenly divided until news of the 20% premium hikes got around. now it is her charm. not too long ago obamacare was
11:01 am
the democrat weapon. health care would buy in middle america to hillary clinton. times change as obamacare collapses in middle america pays for it, trump as a surprise issue going for him. watch him go added as the third hour of "varney & company" gets rolling. ♪ >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> if you like your doctor, you will keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> affordable. there's a reason. affordable good affordable. affordable. affordable. >> if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like have, you can keep your doctor, too.
11:02 am
>> wind up with premiums doubled in coverage cut in half. if the craziest thing in the world. stuart: would never get tired about good moments from now donald trump will speak at valley forge, pennsylvania. the focus will be obamacare. governor mike pence will speak first. that's a rare double appearance. we will take you there when trump comes out. joining us now, former goldman sachs partner, peter kiernan and steve moore, trump economic adviser. trump is really surging in the polls. hillary's e-mail scandal dominates the news cycle. as you heard, obamacare is what started the search for trump and i think it may be the hidden issue. peter kiernan, first to you. it's kind of the hidden issue but it's a big issue or most people. >> the truth is it's one of those things that speaks for itself.
11:03 am
once people see just how much it's going to cost and once they begin to realize subsidies are not internal and the subsidies that make is that paying for it today only postpone what you're going to face tomorrow. stuart: quickly come to steve moore, what is donald trump going to do about obamacare if he is elected? >> well, he's going to repeal it and will replace it with someone that gives farmer that gives farmer choices and allow people to buy plants out of their state and county. one of the other features of obamacare is that abundant areas now only half one insurance company appeared you were supposed to get all of these choices. in many counties if as many as a quarter of all counties in the united states. only one insurance company laughed. old henry ford line that you can get the model t. in any color as long as it's black. when you have less competition class rise. if you allow people more competition and get rid of
11:04 am
mandates, and you could substantially reduce the cost by 30% or 40%. stuart: on the left-hand side of your screen at the podium for donald trump and mike pence will be speaking later. right now congressional leaders there. it looks to me like senator john barrasso. i suspect they are also showing the republican party coming together one week from the election. steve, you're laughing. >> that has to have been. i've been singing the republicans need this last weekend is a real unity rally. i would love to see 10, 12, 14 if not all of the presidential candidate on the republican side coming together in saying this is the most important election. we may have reservations about donald trump, that given all the facts that have come out about hillary and the scandal is important for this country. especially on the economy.
11:05 am
i'm a little bit biased because i work on the economic program. she's going to double down on obamacare. we are going to get rid of it. we're shutting down american energy economy is seen going down the line. economics has been a little bit overshadowed by all of these on the clinton side. stuart: peter kiernan is nodding his head. >> i couldn't agree more. one of the great frustrations of economics has been there all along. he is the jobs candidate. trump equals jobs. if he -- trump equals jobs. stuart: it will be nice to see governor john kasich on that podium now. it's not going to happen. liz: i have to bring us. as governor of indiana, mike pence did accept an expansion of medicaid like john kasich did
11:06 am
you do need to reunite, come back home to the flood of monitor is something to unite behind. stuart: you think john kasich should say that. it's going to be a rare jewel appearance together. >> mike pence he will have the bulk of policy. stuart: that is politics as it's happening right now. we have the dow industrials down 18-point. that's not exactly a big move on the day. mark is pretty flat for some time. i'll give you a statistic during an election year as stocks go up between august 1st and october 31st. the three months before the election. the incumbent party will win. if stocks go down, it's the opposition party that wins. stocks have been down a little over the last three months. i suggest trump wins.eve, i dont
11:07 am
whatsoever in these historical analogies. >> well, i do think there is something to this. i would like that the last three months. you've got your crackerjack statisticians they are, but the stock market as i recall has been flat for the last 18 months or so that the bull market expansion of the previous six years is really stalled out. when people are seeing an increase, by the way, the stock market it is a good lead indicator of where corporate profits are going and where the overall economy is going. it flattened out and that's an indication we are kind of in a stagnant economy. >> , i tend to believe no matter who wins on november 9th, the market goes down. >> we've just come off the most boring october i can remember since 1997. n-november is a little more exciting. we have said they have jobs they and election day, not feared i
11:08 am
think a trump loses, if chunk of the situation with the stock market goes down in his select it, it is a brexit community. i would buy, buy, buy a trump wins. it will go down because hillary is the status quo candidate. trade, immigration, these have an impact on business but if the market cracks, buy. stuart: what you say, steve? if the market breaks when trump is a lack did, and he says by. spare mac by the way, peter knows more about the stock market than i do. he's done so well with it. i will say this. i'll give you an historical point of fact it will be of great relevance to the viewers. if you go back to 1981, the dow jones was somewhere around 1000. if you go seven, eight years
11:09 am
later into the reagan presidency, the dow was up from 1002 what was sick, the huge increase of the stock market. 20 years later the dow has gone from 1000 to 10,000. my point is you want to make money, you put money into the stock market did a donald trump is elected. i'm not saying it will go up immediately but over eight years you will see a big move in stocks. stuart: that's very interesting. the election dominates everything these days. from the left-hand side of your screen, donald trump is speaking on obamacare. we will bring it to you when he starts to speak. at a rally yesterday, trump mentioned one of our frequent guest. but democrats who previously worked for the clintons. doug shawn now says he cannot support hillary. he's with us in a moment. first, listen to what trump said. >> one of her longtime
11:10 am
supporters, a top democratic pollster. good guy, smart guy, sharp guy. doug shawn is now totally withdrawing his support. he supported the family for years. he wrote in an article, quote, i'm a democrat. i worked for bill clinton, but i can't vote for hillary. and this is so important.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: >> one of her longtime supporters, a top democratic pollster. could guy, smart guy, sharp guy. doug shown is now totally withdrawing his support. he supported the family for years. he wrote in an article -- he wrote in an article, quote, i'm a democrat. i worked for bill clinton, but i
11:14 am
can't vote for hillary. this is so important. i am now convinced that we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and deleterious, and we all know that, consequences should secretary clinton win the election. stuart: you would have to say that was a little unusual. doug shawn is a lifelong democrat over the weekend he rescinded his support hillary clinton because of the e-mail scandal. just listen to what doug shown originally said. listen to what he originally said. roll it. >> i have been a supporter of secretary clinton. if the secretary of state wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation. i'm deeply concerned we will have a constitutional crisis if she is elected.
11:15 am
i want to learn more this week, but as of today, i am not a supporter of the secretary of state. >> how long have you known the clintons? >> have on the clintons since 94. >> he's with us. the man himself. i'm as strong as i was yesterday. >> i'm going to call the middle-of-the-road democrats. that's what you are. have been at the other centrist democrats who used to be stalwarts of the party, have become forward to say the same thing as you? >> they have not come forward. there's been a lot of democrats of that ilk who privately come forward, congratulated me, says they wish they could or should do it but for whatever reason have it. stuart: look at the latest poll. the abc tracking poll. as of today, donald trump has a 1.8.
11:16 am
46-45. less than two weeks ago hillary clinton had a 12-point lead in a poll. that's an extraordinary surge. what happened? >> a couple things. comes than on message. hillary has faced a couple of bad weeks. certainly the last four or five days have been less than ideal. i think it is worth cautioning the electoral college is still rated in the direction of the secretary of state. it's going to take more movement to donald trump if he is to prevail. stuart: the electoral college, this is the electoral college. donald trump faces a very uphill struggle. >> i'm saying he's got to win florida, ohio. he's got to win all the states. mitt romney won, iowa, colorado, nevada. and then he's got to win pennsylvania or new hampshire. the first district of maine.
11:17 am
is very easy to get into the two sixtieths. harder to get you to get to 270. >> at the election were held at this point as of today, hillary wins hands down in the electoral college. >> i wouldn't they hand down but a close victory. >> what about the surge towards trump. 13-point take a period >> absolutely. it's very tough one to get around to it if it be to continue the search. not to say it can't happen. this is the republicans moving to donald. no real movement among democrats are of course the borders of the clintons except me. stuart: your reason for dropping support of hillary clinton was the e-mail scandal. i've got a new report from wikileaks with another leak about the e-mails. ashley: this is a follow-up.
11:18 am
john podesta talking to cheryl mills said we will have to dump all of those e-mails so better to do so sooner than later. this was on march 2nd, 2015. march 4th, 2015 they get a congressional subpoena to hand over e-mails to cheryl mills has a conference call talking about bleach, how do we completely eradicate you never recover these e-mails. >> the implication that they wanted to dump them all and they wrote about this two days before being issued. >> the implication is we have to dump those e-mails so sooner rather than later. >> sounds like they were tipped off. that's an implication. >> that's an implication. what i think is closer to certainty by no means schuyler is a comey investigation will
11:19 am
continue well after election day, which is why it raised questions in my mind how do we go about the nation's business if the congress is investigating the secretary, the fbi is investigating the secretary, the justice department is at odds with the fbi. the democrats want to send comey to prison. how is this good or america? >> is a constitutional menace. we are still waiting on donald trump (-left-paren site of your screen. he's about to talk about obamacare. he's in pennsylvania. after the break, details on the position mike pence will play in today's speech. first, here is what trump said about obamacare. >> hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, and make it even more expensive. in fact, much more expensive than ever before. in all fairness, based on what we are reading, in all fairness
11:20 am
right now she has bigger problems than obamacare.
11:21 am
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: donald trump will be speaking on the issue of obamacare at that podium moments from now. that is the state of pennsylvania. please remember obamacare
11:24 am
premiums which you enroll today, november 1st in pennsylvania up 53%. that is pennsylvania. live, mike pence will be playing a big role at the presentation of the data. liz: you will be basically picking up the policy part of it. a dozen years in congress doing policy. mike pence's are to criticize president obama. president obama went to florida compared to the glitches on galaxy notes that men which blew up in torched homes and cars. the president used that phone say that had a few glitches like obamacare. it is torturing people's wallets. mike pence could bring up the president who visited florida. by the way, one insurer in southwest florida, the people are contented with an obamacare. >> this is a great impact moment. i love the idea that two of them together with the final weekend when they want to show solidarity.
11:25 am
pence is a very big role to play here today. stuart: it does make a lot of sense. build a sense of momentum of the face of everything going on, pence is a very big role to play. >> mike pence will say, home. it's time to unite. this is the key issue be united behind. time to stand up and do that. >> arizona a couple weeks ago was a tossup. arizona normally solidly republican. and then we find that the premiums -- obamacare premiums and arizona will go up 50% or more. liz: more than double. and now you've got back in the front column. >> virtually the whole state is one provider. arizona is the poster child for obamacare gone bad. it's the worst example not helps republicans. stuart: obamacare is already a fact or especially in florida which is a tight race.
11:26 am
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11:30 am
stuart: last 10 side of your screen, moments from now. first, governor mike pence will speak. second, donald trump will speak. we will take you there with mr. traficant and presentation. we will be listening very closely to what mike pence has to say. first, hillary clinton's e-mail investigation raising a lot of questions about icons additional crisis. judge andrew napolitano is here. let's suppose -- >> you want to skip over the topic we're supposed to discuss? stuart: i want to talk apartments. presidential pardons. if hillary clinton wins the election and she's under indictment of some sort, i mean, it's perfectly natural for president obama still the president to pardon her and everybody else.
11:31 am
>> how about the flipside is donald trump trump wins, might it not be bighearted of president obama to pardon her so that donald trump could start with a clean slate and removed the obligation of dealing with her. stuart: you may be surprised at this but it's a pretty good idea. if trump wins, he would try to put her in prison. they're all part in nsu site a clean sweep. trump starts clean and thrash. stuart: would be very interesting. her husband broke the mold with the awful pardon of marc rich, which really set up the law-enforcement community. so many people were furious because of their misdeeds. there's no way to predict how this would go. i'll give you a couple basics. the pardoning power may not be challenged. may not be appealed. as the president never pardon himself? we don't know.
11:32 am
richard nixon historians say contemplated it, did not want to be the first president to use it, so intermediaries can they do with brittany vice president gerald ford. stuart: i wonder if there's similar negotiations in the background now. >> you have to wait until next wednesday to figure out who the negotiators would need. i take issue with donald trump be a constitutional crisis because a supreme court opinion that did not exist or not supreme court opinion says that the president has sued civilly while president, he or she must respond. if the president has prosecuted, held in advance until the president leaves office. doesn't stop the investigation, but it stops the prosecution because the president for better or for worse injuries a form of immunity while in office. the immunity ends when the term
11:33 am
ends. >> i'm unwilling to get into a discussion of the constitution on the constitutionality on november the ninth because i don't know it that well. i would say this. surely america will be in one extraordinary mass if hillary clinton wins november the eighth. wake up november 19 you've got a mess on your hands. >> certainly the justice department, that mass would have to be addressed. the only person who could not environment, president obama. >> bafflement is a moment of presidential pardon when it comes right up november 9th. >> might this be a time for mercy rather than justice. a pardon is mercy over justice. is it not? is that on the way to look at it? stuart: if you make the assumption the person being pardoned as guilty in the first place, then it's mercy. >> they usually are.
11:34 am
it was for everything he had done, not what he might do in the future. pardons can't be saved. stuart: you legal people. >> what did you say the other day? >> what a tangled web we weave once we practice to deceive. it's walter scott. very brilliant viewer sent it to me. indeed, judge. you've taken up so much time of our next guest. >> she's very forgiving. on the left-hand side of your screen, that is pennsylvania. we are about to see mike pence speak about obamacare followed by donald trump. we will take you there when it happens. meanwhile, aj delgado a senior adviser from florida.
11:35 am
you know like everybody else does premiums are speculative gain of 20% as of now, november 1st. this is a weapon for you guys, you trump folks to wield them bash the opposition. >> we are standing up for the american public. let's say you have a $500 monthly premium and a 20% increase in florida is significant. hillary clinton and her fellow elites might not find the number significant. let's not forget hillary clinton bragged recently how obamacare before it was obamacare that it was hillary care. i see it not so much going after hillary as it is standing up for the american public and hiding how hillary is the wrong choice. stuart: okay. >> we are very positive. stuart: this is the abc poll. it shows donald trump at this
11:36 am
moment by one point. that would be 46-45. the important point here is two weeks ago that same poll had hillary clinton 12 points ahead. in the space of less than two weeks you cut it her 10-point swing to donald trump. >> absolutely. the american public is reacting. >> without any shadow of doubt trump wins florida. >> i think i'm finally vindicated that now we are winning the real clear politics average of all the polls in florida show we arrive. >> i've not checked. >> we are officially up in florida. the critical swing state is up in early voting as well. it is leaning republican war is four years ago early voting was leaning down. stuart: what was that? trump is up one point in the state of florida according to real clear politics. just got the numbers. >> is up 19% with the cuban-americans. 19% in one month.
11:37 am
stuart: question. how about puerto rican voters? >> is meaning with the community tomorrow in orlando. >> is not up 19 points. >> a majority support up 19 points within a month. he went up an additional night 10 points within the past month. 52% of cuban-americans. a little bit harder they tend to vote democrat. -- goes to show mr. trump engages in the communities that might not vote republican. he goes out there and says this is about my message and how we can help you. stuart: i believe orlando has the third-largest concentration after san juan and new york city and then orlando. hundreds of thousands have flooded in because of puerto rico. >> that's why we think mr. trump's message will resonate there. the situation has been called and was all about training and
11:38 am
doing away with corruption. >> you wouldn't want to take a financial bath with me. >> i'm not sure about but a good chunk definitely well. putting me on the spot i would say maybe we get 19%, 20% of their vote. >> that would win the election for trump. >> occurred. stuart: alias give you a hard time. i don't know why i do that. >> take some more coffee. thank you very much. a couple stocks to report for you. the aluminum producer alcoa publicly traded companies. the canned company, cans of soda cans. the other one is our contract if they are going to focus on planes and cars. they split.
11:39 am
down in alcoa itself is bad. i just saw someone new come to the screen there. (-left-paren site is pennsylvania. that is dr. ben carson. he's warming up the crowd for mike penn who will be speaking right after the good dr. during the primaries, the good dr. was kind of late back and quiet. >> look at him. >> he's warming to crowd up. there you go. stuart: job grants, and kfc which used to be kentucky fried chicken spinning up the china unit in an independent company called beyond china. that stock is up. first, let's go to the revelations from what he lakes. the acting head of the dnc donna brazil did help hillary in the debates by giving hillary the questions ahead of time.
11:40 am
donna brazil told making kelley that she received no questions at all. we are going to play the sound bite in a moment. first come to you is what trump said about all of this mess. >> if reince priebus gave me the answers to a debate or the questions, so he gives me the questions and answers to the debate and he got caught like donna brazil was caught. it would be the biggest story in the history of "the new york times." donna brazil gets caught as we discussed. giving her the questions to a debate. hardly anybody talks about it. one paid. forget about donna brazil. she should resign igned here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits
11:41 am
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our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. >> i am nicole petallides with your thoughts is as brave. guarding the data grade but the dow right now down 31 points down to the fourth day in a row now down one 10th of 1% get s&p and nasdaq also under some pressure is yet we watch the s&p 500 looking at the sixth down day. we haven't seen a losing streak like that of 18 months. back-and-forth action uncertainty. the jobs report on friday front and center. earnings down 17%. victoria's secret and bath is down 7%.
11:43 am
alcoa to the upside. the young china since the first day of trading with the percentage of the sales of kfc, taco bell and pizza hut. the "chicago tribune" publisher. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
11:44 am
>> this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary wants to blame everyone
11:45 am
else for her mounting legal troubles, that she has brought all of this on herself. stuart: nothing like the reopening of the evil investigation having an impact on the polls. this from "politico." 45% of people think this scandal is worse than watergate. 61% think the e-mail investigation will ask and well beyond the affection. what a mess. barry alvarez with a spirit nationally syndicated host. what do you make of this? >> well, nobody died in watergate. watergate was about the break-in of the dnc headquarters. richard nixon did not order it. he did ask people to lie about it. in the case of hillary wikileaks they, whether the e-mail server matter e-mail server mattered, four people died in benghazi. that's how we found out about the private server. lord knows how many people have had their lives jeopardized.
11:46 am
james carman said there's no evidence the server was hacked. there was ample evidence of people to whom she sent him out was hacked. adversaries got sources, methods, practices and might be well in peril. by that level is worse than watergate. on the other hand she might have been had it not been for this revelation. her tube compare the two scandals. both of them very serious. stuart: cnn has parted ways after these e-mail takes. before we get back, i want to roll tape on what donna brazil said to make an kelley. a complete contradiction in advance. roll tape. >> you are accused of receiving a debate question before a cnn town hall. how did you get that question? >> i'll play straight up with you. i did not receive any questions
11:47 am
from cnn. podesta's e-mails were stolen. you're so interested in talking about -- the things that you found -- [inaudible] stuart: didn't quite work out that way. she did get the questions and she was wrong to say that. mike pence talking about obamacare in pennsylvania warming up the crowd for donald trump. in pennsylvania as at today, premiums for obamacare go up 53%. they've got an issue in there talking about it give back to this cnn thing. i'm appalled. where's the investigation of who leaked these questions, but more late, why aren't we focusing on hillary clinton? she's the one that got advance word and never said word to anybody. she's the one who cheated here.
11:48 am
>> absolutely. she said i don't play dodgeball. i play basketball. it is convoluted and bizarre. the question is did hillary know she got the question in advance and when she heard the question that was verbatim the one she had had huma abedin, poor bernie sanders. it was worse than he thought. it's not just one question. hillary got more than one question. where is the investigation on the part of cnn? why are they trying to figure out what happened? it also raises questions about the debate moderator of the one who asked the verbatim question that according to the e-mail from donna brazil was the question she apparently gave them. stuart: six, eight months ago on the show i kept asking you, is it possible that within our lifetimes, california where you are located will vote for a republican in the presidential election.
11:49 am
he laughed at me then. you're laughing at me now. trump has come a long way. he has urging in the polls. is there a shot that he will lose by only 15 points in california? >> well, this is california. this is chinatown, california. there isn't a single republican who holds statewide office anywhere in california. not controller, not secretary of state. not one statewide office. donald trump is not going to carry california. stuart: you are still smiling about it. i don't blame you. larry elder, everybody. thank you for joining us. always appreciated. mike pence (-left-paren editor's screen is talking about a care in pennsylvania. he's warming up the crowd. i saw the crowds standing and chanting doing a good job. donald trump will take his place momentarily. we'll take you to the trump speech when they get there. stay there, please.
11:50 am
we'll be back.
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11:54 am
>> you know what, don't be deceived by bill clinton's newfound skepticism. hillary clinton's plan is actually to introduce what is called single-payer into the system, more government run health insurance. she went to canada to give a speech that came out not too long ago. she told canadians and business groups say she wanted to get, and i'm quoting, universal health care coverage like you have here in canada. well, we don't want to socialize health care they have in canada. we want american solutions. i've got to tell you though, my favorite quote came from president obama just about a week ago down in florida. he was celebrating the third anniversary of the rollout of
11:55 am
obamacare. did you hear about this? in his speech, he actually compared obamacare to this hands-on galaxy seven phones that spontaneously burst into flames. i'm serious. president obama said, here's the quote. when one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone that has a few bugs, what should they do? they fixed it. unless it catches fire then they pull it off the market. [laughter] well, what a coincidence, mr. president. that's exactly what we are going to do with obamacare. we are going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets. [cheers and applause]
11:56 am
in, it's remarkable when you think about it. almost 1% of americans eligible for obamacare will have one exchange insurer available this year. one plan is not a choice that it's a monopoly. 1.4 million americans are about to lose their plane in 2017 and that's after a million plus their plants in the first years of obamacare. it's going to interrupt treatment and care. part of the reason cost of another's because obamacare dictate the government design health insurance. we knew that when i pass the bill. no wonder they don't want to buy these plans. the plans have huge to dr. bulls that people can't afford. the average deductible for the so-called cheapest category of family plans this year is almost
11:57 am
$12. that is more than one fifth of the median household income in the united states. what is worse many of our best stock or is it opted out of seeing patients with exchange coverage. it's true. it's also true that obamacare it is killing jobs and destroying small business growth all across the united states of america. not only impact the individual's. it is impacting our economy. obama's tears has been distracted for the economy killing jobs and reducing wages and wrote. obamacare in another self-imposed more than a trillion dollars in new taxes on health care providers, taxpayers and businesses to pay for it all these failed policies. it's reduced paperworkers and reduced employment by 350,000 jobs nationwide.
11:58 am
it is an extraordinary record of economic failure. obamacare his employer mandate raise the minimum cost of hiring a full-time worker to $10.30 an hour for larger employers about increase in take-home pay for anybody. the municipal government had hours for part-time employees. it is time to add this time to end the government takeover of healthcare and state over with american solutions. [applause] >> for all these reasons and more, when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america and we have strong republican majorities in congress we are going to repeal obamacare lock stock and barrel. [applause]
11:59 am
>> donald trump has got a plan. we will replace obamacare with healthcare reform the lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government, reform health insurance in america with the power of the free market. that is the american way to meet our healthcare needs and we need a boundless american future. trump healthcare plan will make healthcare more affordable and put people back in the driver's seat of their healthcare, not the government, yet rid of the individual mandate, government shouldn't tell you how to spend your money and put priorities in your life. [applause] >> donald trump will allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines just like car insurance and life insurance. stuart: i hate to interrupt the man, he's on a roll speaking in pennsylvania where obamacare premiums go up 53% as of today.
12:00 pm
pennsylvania at this moment is in hillary's column, six points up in the latest real estate average polls, donald trump on that set momentarily talking about obamacare. it is yours. neil: it is a lot like what is going on politically, going into valley forge and the horrible winter they had in 1778, you covered it. i remember. stuart: not bad. neil: from behind against all odds, that was that year's big surprise. neil: stuart: as i call, the brits lost but we americans won. neil: always following the winner. we are losing to britain


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